Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to provide information so that health-conscious customers can choose wisely from your menu, there are other benefits that you may not expect.

  • Nutrition data reveals recipe errors. Chefs judge recipes on flavor, and managers judge recipes on expected cost, but nutrition data is the clearest indicator of recipe accuracy. A Registered Dietitian can glance at the nutrition data for a recipe and instantly know if something is amiss. If the amounts of an ingredient are off, even by a few grams, it will show up in the nutrition numbers. Using the nutrition numbers to identify recipe inaccuracies and correcting them leads to more accurate purchasing, lower food costs, and accurate margins. This leads to increased profitability. In our own personal experience as operators, we used nutrition data to make our recipes really accurate, and while we increased revenues by more than $1 million each year, we cut total food spend by $100k.
  • Compliance – The FDA issued menu labeling requirements for food service operations with 20 or more units, with specific requirements for listing calories at all points of order, customer access to complete nutrition data, and more. We can guide you through this process to achieve compliance.