To post calories and mark allergens on your menus, you need the nutrition and allergen data for each recipe. Menu Analytics can make this easy for you.

We begin by reviewing your menu and providing you with a scope of work statement that details which recipes we are analyzing and the total cost of services. We also provide a non-disclosure agreement to assure you that we will never share your information with anyone, ever.

Once we have the go-ahead, we will request your complete menus, with recipes, ingredients, weights and measures, yields and prep statements.

We will document and analyze your menus and provide a complete report and data file of the nutrition values of each recipes. You will receive the nutrition report for each recipe and an electronic data file export of the data suitable for inclusion on your printed menus, or for upload into digital menu systems.

We can also offer advice as to the best way to communicate the nutrition information and display it for customers to use.

If you need for us to gather your menu items and document your recipes and ingredients for you, we can visit your location and do that for you, too at additional cost.